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DEGA builds advanced Web3 tools that simplify and speed the development process of Web3 Games and Metaverse products. Founded in November of 2022, DEGA quickly went to market with their v1 API with immediate success with AAA gaming studios, partners, and investors alike.


Forged in the labs of Ethereum and Cardano, the CEO and founder of DEGA, Carlos Rene, quickly saw the opportunity of innovating on Blockchain in a way that greatly increased the scalability, security, and ease of use of the technology.


Attracting some of the most talented leadership in business and technology, DEGA is set to change the perception and applicability of blockchain in Web3 Gaming and Metaverse development.



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Empower millions of creators worldwide to break the mold and forge revolutionary gaming experiences.

DEGA's Vision

Build the tools to democratizes game creation for all.

DEGA's Mission

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